we empower our clients with effective data

We are practitioners. We influence change by working within and alongside teams. Our experience has been developed through decades of delivery roles in data initiatives, from Datawarehousing to Big Data, Reporting to Data Mining, from Viz to Insights and Analytics, feature engineering for Statistical Models through to Machine Learning. We have guided teams to interpret DevOps and CI/CD to DataOps, matured conceptual, logical and physical models, optimised and tuned workloads, journeyed from On-Prem to Cloud, and deployed countless features for decisioning, data science, reporting, analytics and transformation initiatives. 

We also sustain great results because we care about the people who drive the outcomes: we focus on forming great teams, and creating room for teams to develop and master strong data competencies as well as to align to robust data standards and development patterns.

Because we tackle big hairy audacious goals, we know that strong partnerships are crucial to successful endeavours. We value collaborations and partner with a network of trusted experts in fields outside our own in order to access the right level of thought leadership, strategy and delivery competencies for our clients’ optimum benefit.

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Local Knowledge, Global Thinking

MAEV & Co is based in Melbourne, Australia. We know that high performing teams come from a diversity of talents, genders, geographies and experience. We've earned our stripes developing patterns and tailoring frameworks that help distributed and diverse teams deliver at scale.

Enterprise Focus

We understand that complexity develops in large enterprises with long histories of service. Because we work at the heart of cloud, transformation, decisioning and data science initiatives, we know that vast volumes of business intelligence reside in an organisation's legacy systems, from mainframes through to multiple generations of customer, service and billing systems. We help clients sift through and manage this complexity, and identify the clearest path to valuable outcomes.
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