A Pioneer, Settler and Town Planner walk into a bar..

How do you arrive at the right data for your organisation? How do you develop the right measurements for alignment and performance? We flirted with mental models in our previous post and it’s handy again here. By the end of this post, we hope to have presented a different lens on your data organisation, one that helps you answer these questions and also gives you reason to revise how you view performance in your data organisation.

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Explained with a Story

From when I first saw it and each time it pops up after that, I admired the brilliance of the above infographic. It explains the concept in such a clear concise way. A couple years back, when I put forward the below image to depict the components of our data processing, it felt risky (as it could either be perceived as childish, or worse, undermining). But — it turns out

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The Comeback!

Melbourne reopens today with a significant lift in restrictions and promises of more to pave our way back to the freedoms we had before this pandemic! Are you energised by the prospect of accelerating projects that have lost some momentum? Or perhaps frustrated and wanting a return into offices to revive projects that are 6-18 months behind on targets? If your projects have a dependency on Data, here are a

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Image of a Compass (sourced from Unsplash)

Data as a Compass

All organisations collect data. Some have more, some have less. The right data sets can be a great compass for organisations. As humans, we have been collecting data since the olden days (as my 8yo daughter would say). Yet the science (and art!) of interpreting, contextualising and accessing data, especially when it’s cross-domain (business functions) is relatively new. E.g. the below DIKAR model only came out in 1996. Businesses are

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Separation of Concerns

How does your company invest in data? Were there multiple workshops with the people who will be using the information day in day out? A couple years ago, I renovated my kitchen. In the design process, the architect told me the optimum triangle between fridge, stove and sink. He told me the right width for comfortable distance for walking path between the fridge and my island bench. He prescribed the

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Data Practitioners – Good to Great

Data flows in businesses the way blood flows in human bodies. Or, streamflow of water. It is pervasive and multifaceted. Thus, there are various entry points to the practice of data and a vast array of specialisations one can choose to master. Some spend years learning the art of transforming data, or jobs orchestration, or puzzling data integration for maximum reuse, or creating an engaging data visualisation, so on and so

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I was more than a little intrigued recently when the need for a key management system cropped up for one of our Data capabilities. Key management solutions tend to be a particularly obscure part of the data world, hidden away, taken for granted in companies with established and complex datawarehousing solutions, and rarely needed in young companies. In Data, mentions of keys tend to elicit thoughts of primary keys, foreign

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neverland; a story of organisational maturity

A couple of months ago, I suggested to my best friend that I have her kids over for a sleepover for the Labour day long weekend. “It’ll be great, our kids will finally spend more time with each other and they’ll actually grow up knowing one another”. Pragmatically, I suggested we not lock anything in as we couldn’t predict what Covid restrictions might land in good old Melbourne. I think

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